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J Cafe Hours of Operation

Winter Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday: 10am - 2pm  and 4pm - 7pm
Friday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm







Click here to view a PDF of the Herky's J Cafe Menu

You can reach J Cafe at 314-442-3275





Herky's J Cafe Menu

 Veggies and Dip  $3.00
 Fruit Cup  $4.00
 Yogurt Parfait with Granola  $4.00
 Bagel with Cream Cheese  $2.00
 Muffin  $3.00
 Cookie  $1.50
 Brownie  $3.00
 Jumbo Pretzel  $2.00
 Peanut Butter & Jelly  $3.00
 Tuna Salad  $5.00
 Egg Salad   $4.00
 Cobb Salad  $6.00
 Dinner Salad  $3.00
 Veggie Burger  $5.00
 Toasted Cheese  $3.00
 Gourmet Toasted Cheese  $4.00
 Deli Sandwich (VAAD approved)  $6.00
 Daily Soup Special  $3.00
 1/2 Sandwich (egg salad or tuna salad)  
       with Side Salad  $6.00
       with Soup  $6.00
 Bowl of Soup with Side Salad  $6.00
 Make it a Meal! Deli Sandwich, Chips, Fountain Drink  $8.00
 Daily Lunch Specials  
 Monday: Veggie Tacos  
 Tuesday: Bake Potato  
 Wednesday: Pizza  
 Thursday: Falafel Taco  
 Dippin' Dots  $3.00
 Smoothie  $5.00
 Fountain Beverage  $1.50
 Coffee - 8oz  $1.00
 Coffee - 16oz  $2.00
 Tea: Green, Black, Herbal  $1.50
 Juice/Juice Blends: Apple, Orange, Cranberry - 8oz  $2.00
 Juice: Try it Frozen! - 16oz  $4.00

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