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For complete information, and a weekly schedule, please see our Reformer Pilates brochur​e.

The Pilates Method
These unique exercises lengthen and tone muscle while strengthening the body’s core. Exercises emphasize controlled, precise movements which enhance your ability in everyday activities.

The Pilates Reformer
The Pilates Reformer is equipped with a sliding carriage and adjustable springs that are used to regulate tension and resistance. Cables, bars, straps and pulleys allow the exercises to be done
from a variety of positions.

Benefits of Pilates Reformer Training

  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Improve posture, coordination and balance
  • Increase flexibility and energy
  • Ensure proper body alignment
  • Tone the body without adding bulk
  • Perform a challenging workout without unnecessary stress on joints
  • Enhance and complement Pilates mat work

New Pilates Reformer (with Rebounder) & Pilates Tower Programming

Pilates Reformer + Cardio Core – This cardio-focused class uses the Pilates Rebounder with the Reformer and can take your workout to the next level. Strong core exercises are now mixed with blasts of cardio for a unique and invigorating Pilates workout.

Pilates Tower – Your Pilates training can continue to grow through the challenge of the Pilates Tower.  This apparatus offers a challenging workout to not only your core – along the lines of a traditional Reformer workout – but also challenges a maximum workout to your arms, legs, hips, back and dares you to increase flexibility.

Pilates Circuit – Based on traditional Pilates, classes will utilize all the equipment for a fun and effective way to sculpt and strengthen the body. Keep your body guessing and adapting with workouts on the Reformer, Tower, using the Rebounder and more. Become a leaner, stronger you with the ultimate Pilates circuit.

Pilates Reformer Training at the J
Now you can experience Pilates reformer training at the J. Train on our brand new Stott Pilates Reformers with a nationally certified Pilates instructor. We offer a complementary private session for those who are interested in the program. During this time, your instructor will evaluate your needs and advise a program that will help you reach your goals. From this session, you will be able to choose from the Pilates services we offer.


Introduction to Pilates and assessment of your needs is complimentary.

Small Group Training

2x per week, $20/class
1x per week, $22/class
Based on monthly enrollment
Must be paid in full at the beginning of each month. 
Must choose same day and time each week throughout the month.

Drop-in Training Option

If you're eligible for the small group classes, but can't commit to a full month, drop in at your convenience and stay sharp! Work on the skills to keep your core strong and your body in shape. 
SFC & Fox 
55 minute sessions. Schedules available in fitness center.
$25/drop-in class

Private & Duet Training is also available!

To schedule your complimentary private assessment or register for a small group, please contact:
Brooke McGee, 314-442-3210 (SFC)
Stacey Gerst, 314-442-3453 (Fox)

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