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Personal Training

More Than Just a Coach - Someone to Help you Benefit from the Science of Fitness

Personal training services are beneficial no matter your goal(s): balance/stability, sports performance, injury prevention, bodybuilding, triathlon conditioning, prenatal fitness, disease management, special needs, weight loss or simply wanting to look great! Our nationally certified personal trainers will customize a program (in 55-minute sessions) to meet your needs, creating a safe and effective way to reach your goals. Programs may include cardiovascular exercises, resistance and/or functional training, or stretching, all with an individualized goal-oriented focus. 

We offer personal training in several forms and formats:

  • POLAR BodyAge®
    • FREE Assessment tool, available twice a year to all members:
    • Shows you your true body age in terms of fitness and health - not just your chronological age
    • Builds you a plan to improve your fitness with a realistic time frame
  • Personal Training Session(s)
    • 55-minute session, $60-75
    • 30-minute session, $37-50
  • Semi-Private Personal Training
    • Choose a training partner and improve your fitness levels and quality of life with a challenging, goal-oriented, customized fitness program. Training with another has shown benefits in motivation, dedication and inspiration.
    • 2-3 people, 55-minute session, $40-50 per person
    • 2-3 people, 30-minute, $26-35
    • By appointment
  • Group Personal Training
    • Team training is fun, motivating and challenging, plus it's an affordable way to feel the benefits of personal training. Each person will go through a goal orientation to measure baseline goals and ability, and be re-tested to ensure progress. Team exercise challenges help instill camaraderie, competition and, of course, RESULTS!
    • 4-6 people, 55-minute session, $20 per person
    • One or two sessions per week over four weeks
    • By appointment
  • Package discounts available for all training.

    Specific Personal Training Programs

• Weight Management
• Sport Conditioning
• Golf Conditioning
• Stand Strong (for seniors)
• Assisted Stretching
• Small Group Training
• TRX-Battlerope Boot Camp
• Box Your B.E.S.T.


To get started with a J personal trainer or to schedule your free fitness assessment, contact:

Patrick McKee314-442-3293 (SFC)
Bernie Suddarth314-442-3452 (Fox)


Success Stories

Our certified personal trainers are tops in the field and have helped many individuals with weight loss, health and performance goals. Between our two locations, the J has 20 trainers with the combined education of 24 bachelor and master degrees, 42 national certifications and 219 years of experience. Our personal training staff works with everyday people to understand their individual needs and develops the most effective plan to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Trainers are committed to your success. The proof of their dedication and the quality of their work is in the success seen by so many who have worked one-on-one with our nationally certified trainers.

"One of the Best Decisions I've Made!"
"My family (re)joined the J in October primarily so that we would have a place to work out. My doctor advised me to get healthy and lose 50 pounds. I decided to hire a personal trainer and started training with Casey Bollier. When Casey left for the WBC, I started to train with Bryce. I am grateful to Casey for getting me started exercising, but Bryce has taken my workouts to a whole new level. Bryce's workouts have been more intense, and I find myself working out harder and doing more during our hour sessions. Bryce has a way that pushes me, makes the workouts fun and picks me up on down days. He has provided tips to control my eating habits, which has aided in me becoming a healtier person. I am now fully into exercising and eating better, and I have Bryce to thank for that." - Steve B., J Member

"Weight Loss and Strength Gain!"
"I feel like a new person! After retiring from my full-time job, I decided to join the J and get active! In six months, I've lost weight, but even better is that I feel great! I don't worry now about being able to keep up with my one-year-old grandson. I can carry him around and play on the floor with him as much as I want! I feel that by losing weight and gaining energy, I'm actually finding the real me. My JCC workout time is helping me in every way: physically, mentally and even spirtually. And, I love that everyone here is a cheerleader for all of us. Thanks so much for helping me find a better me!" Patrice K., J Member

"Back from Injury Stronger than Before!"
"I began training with Val nearly two years ago after sustaining an injury. I have been a runner for many years and was doing a high intensity boot camp three times a week. Despite all the exercise, I was not getting stronger and had chronic injuries. I was reluctant to start with a trainer due to the cost and the fear that it would be awkward or boring. Val's demeanor instantly put me at ease. She is friendly and very approachable. The workouts are inventive and balanced. They are hard, but I am rarely sore. It truly has been the investment I have made in my health. Since starting with Val, I have made remarkable progress in terms of strength and posture. Her emphasis on form has made a world of difference. I went from being unable to do a pushup to doing 20 in a row without resting. I was able to do a pull up for the first time in my life. I would highly recommend training with Val." Jennifer D., J Member